Check Out This Tour – Skream&Benga

Here at Funkadelphia we want to do more than just encourage you to expand your musical taste and knowledge… we’re just as much about the experience.

So, we’ve decided to keep you updated with the many opportunities that come and will continue to come your way (let’s face it… it’s a beautiful world we live in!)

Proudly, we present you with the “Check Out This Tour!” Series, starting with dubstep pioneers and powerhouses Skream & Benga.

The duo will be embarking on a US Tour (including an appearance at the massive Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL)

About the Artist(s):

Skream – Producer out of London, Skream is often credited with being one of the original dubsteppers. His music has greatly influenced the genre and helped in it’s evolution. If you’re not a big fan of the huge wobbles (and basic just overall pandamonium) in a lot of dubstep, Skream might be an artist you want to check out. With a much more stable and consistent sound, Skream certainly does dubstep his own way.

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Skream – “Phat Head”



Benga – Also out of London, Benga was no less involved in the beginnings of dubstep than Skream was. The duo are frequent collaborators and in fact, they recently released a free EP on the Scion A/V series. The two are also part of the dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man (Skream, Benga, Artwork) and the trio will also be appearing at Ultra, along with Artwork showing up on many of the duo’s other US tour dates.

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Benga – “Smack Your Bitch Up”




Scion A/V Presents: Skream & Benga EP

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