Check Out This Tour – Big Gigantic: The Nocturnal Tour

So a little background here: Colorado is basically just a breeding ground for the electronic music industry and the beautiful mountain state seems to be pumping out artists by the handful. You are probably aware of many of these, including Pretty Lights & Paper Diamond. Well, if you didn’t know, Big Gigantic is also on that list.

Now what’s really unique about Big Gigantic is that they are a duo consisting of a DJ (no real surprise there), but ALSO, a saxophonist. This is what helps Big Gigantic create a really awesome and interesting sound. The duo have been around for a while, but they’re really starting to make a name for themselves. Now I already have my ticket for this show, but you should be sure to pick one up too cause this is gonna be one hell of a tour.

Here in Philadelphia we’ll be getting to see the likes of Adventure Club, a duo out of Canada that have really been lighting up the dubstep scene as of late too. Now, that’s not to take away from the other artists here, because all the ranks Big Gigantic have enlisted for this tour are frankly just amazing.



I should probably also point out that all of Big Gigantic’s music is FREE for download over at their website. This includes their recent new album, “Nocturnal”. This album is absolutely freaking ridiculous. It’s awesome.

Here’s a preview for all y’all. Be sure to check out “Rise & Shine”, “Nocturnal”, “It’s Goin’ Down” and “All Nighter”.

Download Here (scroll down for their first album “The World Is Yours” as well as their other non-album singles).

And check out Big Gigantic on: Facebook    Soundcloud


And be sure to support their supporting artists as well:

Adventure Club

Paper Diamond (Soundcloud)


Sir CharLes


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