Check Out This Tour: Nero – The Second Reality Tour (Spring 2012)

Alright, so here’s a REALLY, REALLY EXCITING post. I’ve been aware of this tour for a while, but Dillon Francis just got on Facebook to advertise it (and threw up this magnificent poster), so I figured now seemed like a good time. If you didn’t have a chance to catch Nero in the Winter (we were in that boat- they went to Atlantic City and skipped right over us…), well here’s your second chance. On top of this tour take note that UK duo is performing at the Sasquatch Music Festival this summer. And as I mentioned, Dillon Francis will be the support on this tour, so I’m sure I don’t even have to elaborate to convey the amount of insanity that will be going on at these shows.

NeroWebsite    Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook

Dillon Francis – Website    Soundcloud     Beatport    Facebook

[Get Tickets Here]


Nero – “Must Be the Feeling (Nero & Flux Pavilion Remix)”


Dillon Francis – “Falling Up”

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