Skrillex – Voltage [LP]

So one of the big topics of discussion with Skrillex (among other things -_-) is his ability to pump out music at an inhuman pace. I found myself fully understanding this statement when I head his debut LP, Voltage, is due to be released tomorrow. I haven’t even heard any hype about this album really and it’s his debut album? Sure, he’s released plenty of EPs already, but this seems to be some good stuff. He has tons of unreleased material, and the only confirmed track for the album is the debut single “Voltage”. This track hasn’t actually been released on Beatport or anything I don’t think, but I know I’ve heard it quite a few times at shows. It’s actually really nice because it’s some revitalizing Skrillex, and not just the same old sounds; it’s something new to the ear. I have… questionable… expectations for this album. But I’m not gonna deny this track is dope.

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Skrillex – “Voltage” — Direct Download

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