Dev – “Kiss My Lips (Borgore Remix)” + Bonus Remix

Borgore is due to release his new Flex EP on March 5th, so he’s got some new material coming out. If you’re not familiar with Borgore, he’s often considered the metal (metalstep) of dubstep, and actually used to be part of a metal band back in Israel, where he hails from. Apparently, he’s doing a US Flex Tour sometime soon, which is sweet because I just caught him back in the early Winter. Well, I don’t know if this one’s gonna be on the new EP, but it’s a sure dope remix, and it just dropped a couple days ago. Enjoy!

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Dev – “Kiss My Lips (Borgore Remix)” — Direct Download


If you remember, we posted the actual “Flex” song from Borgore not too long ago. Well, also major dubstep heavyweight, Figure jumped on that right away. Check out this bonus remix from him, it’s on the same wavelength as that some above, so if you like one, you’ll like both… I’d bet on that.

Borgore – “Flex (Figure Remix)” — Direct Download

2 thoughts on “Dev – “Kiss My Lips (Borgore Remix)” + Bonus Remix

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