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Three More (Also Good!) Albums! – Fanfarlo, WZRD (Kid Cudi + Dot da Genius), School of Seven Bells

I said it last week and I’ll say it again, I don’t know what it is with artists and Tuesdays, but I love it. See, I finish class at 10:30 on Tuesday, so I return home to collapse in front of my computer and sift through all the new music. This is perfect, because artists frequently release new albums and EPs on Tuesdays. Well, this Tuesday, we have new material from (left to right) the UK indie pop band Fanfarlo, the debut LP from the hip-hop duo known as WZRD (Kid Cudi + Dot Da Genius), and the newest installment from the Ghostly International group School of Seven Bells.

Fanfarlo – Rooms Filled with Light [FUNKADELPHIA PICK OF THE WEEK!]

Out of these three albums, we’re definitely giving this one the biggest thumbs up. So like I said, this is and indie pop album. I just finished up listening to it, and I have to say that while I think my favorite’s of the band’s work is on their first album, this album is much more consistent. The first half starts off a bit slow, but right around the track “Tightrope” is when it starts getting good. From then out, this album is beautiful.



The new WZRD album is one we had our doubts about. Cudi came out blazin’ (quite literally) on his first album, but I guess that all got to his head or something because I think most can agree something went wrong with that second installment. Well, Cudi clearly did his homework because this new album is absolute fire. I have to say, it’s closer to a rock album than a hip-hop album, but that being said, I think it surpasses his debut LP Man on the Moon. Definitely grab this one too.


School of Seven Bells – Ghostory

This is one that is probably going to get a little lost in the shuffle in this post, but please try not to let it. Just because we put it last doesn’t mean we don’t like it. In fact, we do like it… we like it a lot! School of Seven Bells definitely improved between their first and second albums, and that trend seems to continue here: yes, we would call this their best album yet. If you’re into the whole ambient, dancey, minimal music scene, then definitely check these guys out (especially lovers of Tycho, Phantogram & Lusine)!


We’ve picked out our favorites from each album, so… ENJOY!

Fanfarlo – “Replicate” — Direct Download


WZRD – “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” (feat. Desire)


School of Seven Bells – “The Night”

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