Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Allderdice Mixtape

Wiz Khalifa is definitely a huge rap sensation at the moment. He pumps out mixtapes at an unmatched pace, and his chilled out, upbeat style has attracted him a huge following. Well, the Pittsburgh-based rapper is back with his new mixtape Taylor Allderdice, released yesterday. It’s just what you would expect from Wiz, a nice, laid back album with lots of music to bump on these beautiful, sunny days. Enjoy, it’s free!

Wiz Khalifa – Website    Datpiff    Facebook


Wiz KhalifaTaylor Allderdice Mixtape — Datpiff ~ Zippyshare


  • 1. Amber Ice (Prod. By I.D. Labs Productions) download
  • 2. California (Prod. By Cardo) download
  • 3. Mia Wallace (Prod. By Dumont) download
  • 4. Guilty Conscience (Prod. By Sparky Banks) download
  • 5. Mary 3x(Prod. By Cardo) download
  • 6. O.N.I.F.C. (Prod. By Cardo & Sledgren) download
  • 7. Nameless ft. Chevy Woods (Prod. By Dope Couture download
  • 8. Never Been Part II ft. Amber Rose & Rick Ross (Prod. By Sledgren) download
  • 9. The Cruise (Prod. By Big Jerm) download
  • 10. Rowland ft. Smoke Dza (Prod. By Big Jerm) download
  • 11. My Favorite Song ft. Juicy J (Prod. By Rob Holladay) download
  • 12. T.A.P. ft. Juicy J (Prod. By Spaceghostpurp) download
  • 13. The Code ft. Juicy J, Lola Monroe & Chevy Woods (Prod. By Lex Luger) download
  • 14. The Grinder (Prod. By Jake One) download
  • 15. Brainstorm (Prod. By Cardo) download
  • 16. Number 16 (Prod. By Dumont) download
  • 17. Blindfolds ft. Juicy J (Prod. By Harry Fraud)

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