EVE 6 – “Curtain”

EVE 6 is someone I actually didn’t think we’d ever hear new material from. The band went on hiatus after the release of their third record back in 2003. Now, a full 9 years later, the band has reunited and is getting ready to put out their new record, titled Speak in Code. Just yesterday, the band released the third single from the upcoming album “Curtain” (follow-up to “Victoria” & “Lost & Found”). This is probably going to be a bit of a hit or miss for some of you, but the nostalgia of this song is what I think really gives it it’s effectiveness. It sounds just like EVE 6; they didn’t try to do some kind of crazy re-invention of their sound, they just stuck to what they new.  If you aren’t familiar with the band, be sure to check out some of their older songs; I recommend “Here’s to the Night”, “Jet Pack”, “Think Twice”, and “Arch Drive Goodbye”. I’ve also included my personal favorite of their songs, “Promise”. So, without further ado, please enjoy new EVE 6 after such a long period

EVE 6 – Website    FacebookEVE 6 2012 Tour    Pre-Order Speak in Code


EVE 6 – “Curtain”


EVE 6 – “Promise”


EVE 6 – “Victoria” Purchase the Single

EVE 6 – “Lost & Found”Purchase the Single


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