Cry Wolf – “No Deezies”

Cry Wolf is a group I’ve wanted to post some music from for a while now. Just last night they were feeling so grateful to their fans that they decided to give us their new original mix, “No Deezies”. So, this seems like a pretty opportune time to talk about them. Hailing from North Carolina, Cry Wolf has been putting out some really sick electronic tracks the past few months. Their style combines elements of minimal, dubstep, electro and even reggaeton at times. I want to also call special attention to their track “Ephermal”, which is one of my personal favorites. These guys are definitely someone to keep your eyes on in 2012. Enjoy!

Cry WolfSoundcloud    Band Camp    Facebook


Cry Wolf – “No Deezies” — Direct Download


[BONUS!] Cry Wolf – “Ephermal” — Direct Download

One thought on “Cry Wolf – “No Deezies”

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