Actual Records Secret Show – Friday, April 27th (Philadelphia, PA)

So Actual Records is a record company based out of Philadelphia. We’ve featured one of their artists, Jack Deezl, quite a few times now. This weekend, Actual Records has teamed up with Proper Villains to bring the citizens of Philadelphia an awesome warehouse show. The show will be from 10PM-4AM, Friday night; the location has been yet to be announced, but you can find it if you keep checking back on the Facebook Event or their website (which is currently down but will be re-launching before the show) . This seriously promises to be an awesome night, and with it only being $5 before 11 so there’s really no excuse. The night also features appearances by BHB, Schmohawk, Ruxbin, Six Ten, and Speaker for the Dead. Hope to see you there!

Actual RecordsWebsite // Facebook // Event Page

One thought on “Actual Records Secret Show – Friday, April 27th (Philadelphia, PA)

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