Linkin Park – “Waiting for the End (The Kickdrums Remix)”

So I’m sure Linkin Park isn’t a name you were expecting to see show up on this blog. Well let’s clarify that this track comes from a Brookly, New York based trio of musicians that call themselves The Kickdrums. I actually heard of these guys a couple years ago, but haven’t really heard much since until this track popped up. Well I’m glad I decided to give it a listen cause it’s quite enjoyable. Now, this isn’t a typical track from us, so don’t get scared off when this track doesn’t start off with a crazy upbeat electro sound. I think some of you are going to be pleasantly surprised with this one, so if you like what you hear, be sure to check out more of The Kickdrums.

The Kickdrums Website    Soundcloud    Facebook    Twitter


Linkin Park – “Waiting for the End (The Kickdrums Remix)”

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