Rihanna – “Birthday Cake (Proper Villains Remix)”

Until pretty recently, Proper Villains was a name I wasn’t well acquainted with. I’m extremely glad that’s changed. After hearing he was going to be playing the Actual Records show in Philly this past weekend, I hopped over to his Soundcloud, where I was quickly enticed. I really suggest you check out some of his other tracks (we’ll throw in some bonuses), but for now, I just want to highlight this new remix he just released today. If you’ve turned on the radio anytime in the past couple months, you’ve probably heard Rihanna’s track “Birthday Cake”. I’ve pretty much cut myself off from the radio lately, but this is still a song I recognize so I know it has to be decently popular at least. I have to say, I doubt I would like the original, but Proper Villains came through and gave this track a really fresh, new spin that’s full of wobz and wompz. Wait until you hit that second drop and he picks up the tempo to a drumstep BPM; that’s when shit gets wild. Enjoy!

Proper Villains Website    Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


Rihanna – “Birthday Cake (Proper Villains Remix)” — Direct Download



Proper Villains – “Hell Yeah” — Direct Download


Childish Gambino – “Heartbeat (Proper Villains Remix)” — Direct Download


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