Reptar – Body Faucet LP

Reptar‘s much anticipated album Body Faucet finally hit the shelves just two days ago. The band actually just played here at Penn a couple weeks ago, and they were met with great delight. They will be returning in June at the Theatre of the Living Arts with Grouplove! The bands first two singles, “Stuck In My I.D.” and “Sebastian” were absolutely outstanding. Then came “Rainbounce”, the second single from the new album (the first being “Sebastian”). Also be sure to check out “Rainbounce” for more poppy, psychedelic goodness. Enjoy!

Reptar – Website    Soundcloud    Facebook    Twitter


Reptar Body Faucet (2 Track Preview)

1) “Sebastian” — Purchase Track

2) “Orifice Origami” — Direct Download [FREE]


[BONUS!] Reptar – “Stuck In My I.D.” — Direct Download [FREE]

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