Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Flume

Alright, let’s side step a little from the typical EDM scene and talk about a really cool artist doing work in the indie electronic scene. Flume is an Australia producer that’s really been doing a lot of cool things. His style reminds me a lot of many of the Ghostly International artists, such as Shigeto, Gold PandaTycho or even Mux Mool. If you enjoy the smooth sounds of some nice downtempo, glitched out music, or just some chill beats, Flume is definitely an artist to keep your eyes on.

The first track in his newest, it’s a remix of Ta-Ku‘s track “Higher” and features more of a hip-hop or just beat style. In addition to this new remix though, we’ve also decided to include his remix of “Zimbabwe” by New Navy. This second remix features a more ambient and downtempo sound; if you get the speakers way up it’s actually got a really deep bass like a lot of older dubstep tracks. Finally, we just had to throw in his debut four-track, self-titled Flume EP. Definitely my favorite track from the EP would have to be “Sleepless”. This is where we first heard of Flume, and thinking back it’s probably been almost a year. It’s been too long since I’ve been on Flume’s page, and I’m glad this new remix brought me back. This is definitely a guy to keep your eyes out for in the future. Enjoy!

Flume Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook


Ta-Ku – “Higher (Flume Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]


New Navy – “Zimbabwe (Flume Remix)” — Buy on Beatport


Flume – Flume EP

01) “Paper Thin (Original Mix)” — Buy on Beatport

02) “Over You (feat. Anthony for Cleopatra) (Original Mix” — Buy on Beatport

03) “Sleepless (feat. Anthony for Cleopatra) (Original Mix)”– Direct Download [FREE]

04) Onra – “The Anthem (Flume Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]

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