Doctor P – “Neon (Dirt Monkey Remix)”

Alright, let’s step it up from that smooth downtempo of our last post, to some grimy dubstep filth. This one comes to us from Colorado up and comer Dirt Monkey. I use the term “up and comer” pretty lightly here, because Dirt Monkey has been on the map for quite some time now, he just hasn’t made a ton of noise on the national level yet. But that’s not to say we haven’t noticed. You can check out a lot of other Dirt Monkey tunes we’ve covered HERE, as he’s put out quite a lot of sick tracks. This new one’s just as grimy as ever, and being a remix of the already filthy tune “Neon” by Doctor P, I don’t think this track is going to really need any more of an introduction.

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Doctor P – “Neon (Dirt Monkey Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]

One thought on “Doctor P – “Neon (Dirt Monkey Remix)”

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