Sleigh Bells – “Demons (Diplo Remix)”

We just posted a song by MadDecent artist Dillon Francis earlier today, and now we’re back with a remix from the head-honcho, Diplo himself. There’s just too much to say about Diplo as a producer; we always have to mention he’s from Philadelphia and give him that shout out, but on top of that, he’s gotta be one of the most well-known and versatile producers out there. He’s covered house to dubstep to moombahton to reggaeton and jungle beats to trap and pretty much every single little thing in between. It’s quite an impressive resume. So, when we saw this new remix of the Sleigh Bells track “Demons”, of course we smacked that play button and gave it a listen. Diplo’s back with more goodness for us! Enjoy!

Diplo Soundcloud    Artist Page    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


Sleigh Bells – “Demons (Diplo Remix)” — Direct Download [FREE]

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