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D!RTY AUD!O – “Gat Man”

Alright let’s get our moombah fans excited. This track comes from LA producer D!RTY AUD!O. I know I’ve heard this guy’s name around a few times (although I could just be getting confused with Dirtyphonics and Dirtyloud both in existence), but I hadn’t listened to any of his tracks until this one. Well it’s the newest free download edition to his Soundcloud, and it packs quite a whallop. This drop of this song, I wouldn’t call moombahcore, but the drop is real glitched out almost in a dubstep wobble way, but still in a really cool way. It’s something I think worth hearing from yourself. This one gets a huge thumbs up. It’s songs like this that give me hope that the EDM genres can continue to evolve.

D!RTY AUD!O Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


D!RTY AUD!O – “Gat Man” — Direct Download [Free]

2 thoughts on “D!RTY AUD!O – “Gat Man”

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