Knife Party – Rage Valley EP

I’ve been wondering when we were gonna hear some new material from these guys. It’s about time… the grimy moombahcore/dubstep sounds of Rob Swire’s second brainchild Knife Party are unmatched. This new release from the Australian duo, the Rage Valley EP is everything we hoped for and more. If you know anything about the dubstep scene these days,  it’s hard to have a discussion without the name Knife Party coming up, so I feel these guys really need no introduction. Just buckle up and hope the bass doesn’t know you out of your seat. Enjoy!

Knife Party Website    Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


Knife Party – Rage Valley EP Purchase Full EP

01) “Rage Valley (Original Mix)” — Purchase Track

02) “Centipede (Original Mix)” — Purchase Track

03) “Bonfire (Original Mix)” — Purchase Track

04) “Sleaze (feat. Mistajam) (Original Mix)” — Purchase Track

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