Getter – Psycho EP (New 5 Track Release!!)

Getter‘s been dishing out the grime for quite a while now from his home base in San Jose. If you’ve been following us for a while, then he shouldn’t be an unfamiliar name. In case he is though, this new release, the Psycho EP, should be a pretty darn introduction to what Getter can do. The EP was just released two days ago, although all we have are previews of the tracks. Nonetheless, these previews still pack plenty of a bunch. If you want all Getter can give, then head over to Beatport to download these tracks. The first two, “Ill Shit” and “Deadly”, are full of complete grime; then “Wizard Flex” brings in some more screechy treble and a wonky feel that kind of reminds me of Eptic; and finally, the last and title track, “Psycho”, is a dope grime hip-hop collab with rapper Inja, once again bringing back the really filthy bass. Plus when you actually purchase the EP, you also get a fifth track, a Liquid Stranger remix of “Ill Shit”. So much goodness. Getter KILLIN’ IT!! Enjoy!

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Getter – Psycho EP — Purchase on Beatport // Purchase on iTunes

3 thoughts on “Getter – Psycho EP (New 5 Track Release!!)

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