Dieselboy & BARE – “W.M.F.D.”

If you’ve been into the EDM scene for a while, then you appreciate just how massive a name Dieselboy is. Over the past year or so he’s been assembling quite the team on his Subhuman Records label, including BARE, Hulk, Mark Instinct, Numbernin6 and Smash Gordon. This new track “W.F.M.D.” is actually a collaboration with BARE, and oh, what a track it is. Just like you would expect from these guys, this track hits hard, and it smashes soundsystems. Subhuman Records artists are always twisting a ton of grime into their music, and that’s what we love about them. This new one’s no deviation from that path to success. Enjoy!

DieselboySoundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter

BARE Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


Dieselboy & BARE – “W.M.F.D.” — Buy on Beatport

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