Zedd – “Spectrum (Silent H! Remix)”

Recently Zedd announced a remix contest on Beatport for his single “Spectrum”. So I was flipping through the entries, and among a few familiar names was a remix by this guy, Silent H!. We’ve featured a few of his songs, including his “Tracks from the Future” Mix and single “B-Side”. So, I picked this one out, because: 1) it was a familiar name, but also 2) this is one heck of a remix. Silent H! has twisted “Spectrum” into a dubby kinda glitch-hop remix, with a lot of grimy bass. Definitely on par with more of a dubstep than a house vibe, but still not a typical dubstep sound. This is certainly a really cool track from Silent H!, I’d like to see this one win. So give it a listen, and toss him your HERE vote if you like whatcha hear!

Silent H! Soundcloud    Beatport    Facebook    Twitter


Zedd – “Spectrum (Silent H! Remix)” — Vote for Silent H! Here

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