Bloc Party – “Day Four” (New Single!) [Indie//Rock]

Bloc Party has been making quite a few festival appearances this Summer, which is exciting because it could mean a full tour in the Fall or Winter. This is, of course, reinforced by the fact that their new album, to be titled Four, is due for realease on August 20th. All things considered, it seems likely, and I’ve been dying to see these guys so it would be a pleasant, pleasant surprise. Nonetheless, what you really want to know about is this new song they just released. It’s called “Day Four”, and I can say I bet the band was pretty darn happy with themselves when they posted this on their Soundcloud “11 hours ago”. This track is AMAZING. It’s honestly probably some of Bloc Party’s best work. I will admit, the beginning seemed a bit odd and out of focus for the band’s sound the first time I listened to it, but after a few more run overs it really starts to grow on you. Either way, once the song hits that 2 minute mark it turns into that drulling bass and guitar line jamming out in the background that just seems to dance all around your head. This song manages to maintain such a clear essence of what Bloc Party is and has been as a band, while showing momentous strides as far as musical growth and progressive ideas. It bodes well for the new album in general, but right now, I’m perfectly content jamming on this.. Seriously. Give this one a listen.

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Bloc Party – “Day Four” — Buy the Single // Pre-Order Four


Bloc Party – Four [Tracklist] — Pre-Order Four

01) “So He Begins to Lie”

02) “3×3”

03) “Octopus”

04) “Real Talk”

05) “Kettling”

06) “Day Four” — Buy the Single

07) “Coliseum”

08) “V.A.L.I.S.”

09) “Team A”

10) “Truth”

11) “The Healing”

12) “We’re Not Good People”

iTunes Pre-Order Bonus!

13) “Black Crown”

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