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Synchronice – “Cut Throat (MitiS Remix)” + Artist Spotlight Bonus Tracks [Dubstep//Grime]

This is actually the first post we’ve done on local producer MitiS, and admittedly this one’s long overdue. I’m glad he dropped this new track today because it was just the excuse I needed to bring this Philadelphia producer’s filth to your ears (if you weren’t already aware of him). He just played the Reid Speed show a little more than a week ago, and he’ll also be throwing down with KDrew on Friday, August 10th. MitiS’ sound is definitely heavy; there’s no way around that fact. But we love heavy, and MitiS knows how to deliver well. This guy’s really on top of his game, and this new remix just made my speakers implode, so I’m going to let to you guys listen while I go to Best Buy. Enjoy!

MitiS Soundcloud // Beatport // Facebook // Twitter


Synchronice – “Cut Throat (MitiS Remix)”



I think that one probably just made some people thirst. So allow me to quench that thirst with MitiS’ other most recent release; a disgusting moombahcore tune released on Heavy Artillery Records!

MitiS – “Elixir” — Buy on Beatport


Yeah, we’re not done yet. Like I said, this post is long, long overdue. I’m also putting forth his Influential Past EP. Primarily because I want to highlight to the album’s opening track: “Parting”. The track hits with a wall of bass that somewhat reminds me of Gemini‘s “Elevate”, yet MitiS clearly has a unique grasp on the concept and has added in some delightful synths and keys dancing around in the background. “Parting” is definitely an appropriate title for this track; go at it!

MitiS – Influential Past EP Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Pick: “Parting”

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