Aquadrop – Synthesized Landscapes from Future EP [Dub//Glitch-Hop]

If you’re looking for something really funky and new, then look no further. Local label Seclusiasis (owned and operated by Starkey and Dev79) released this one from Italian producer Aquadrop a little more than a week ago, and it managed to almost slip by me. I’m glad it didn’t though, because this is one heck of a statement. I’ve labelled the Synthesized Landscapes from Future EP as a mixture of dub and glitch-hop, but I don’t feel these two fully can even represent what Aquadrop has done with the release. The treble range on each song is extremely complex, with whirling bubble synths, 808 snares clapping, and a bass that is offbeat in just that perfect way. This is truly one of those releases you have to listen to, to fully understand the sound. So on that note, I’m going to wrap up and let you guys click play!

Aquadrop Soundcloud // Beatport // Facebook // Twitter


Aquadrop – Synthesized Landscapes from Future EP Buy on Beatport

*While you can’t preview the entire EP on Soundcloud, you can check out the second track from the release, “Eagle Nebula” and a minimix of the entire EP below!!


Aquadrop – “Eagle Nebula” (Track #2) — Buy on: Beatport // Juno


Aquadrop – “Synthesized Landscapes from Future Minimix [07.23.2012]”

2 thoughts on “Aquadrop – Synthesized Landscapes from Future EP [Dub//Glitch-Hop]

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