Pudgey Malone – “Dundilly” [Dubstep]

So Pudgey Malone just dropped this new one on us. If you’re unfamiliar with Pudgey, he’s a Philadelphia producer who’s been bringing some serious heat lately. You probably know him best, through us, for his remix of “Neon” by Doctor P; a collaboration track he did with one of our favorites, Jack Deezl. Anyway, this new track is done solo, but it’s still absolutely fire. Pudgey Malone has got some deeeeep bass; and I mean deep. Not long after your ears get adjusted to that, he brings in some nasty horns to get you wobblin’ like a broken rocking horse. We’re told (yes, by Pudgey himself) that he’s got a brand new EP in the works as well; one where he’ll be working with DJ Hadji Beats (we recently posted his, It’s a Trap EP)! So be sure to keep your eyes out for that! In the meantime, enjoy this!

Pudgey Malone Soundcloud // Facebook


Pudgey Malone – “Dundilly”

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