Rekoil – 4K Giveaway (3 FREE NEW TRACKS!!) [Drumstep//Grime]

I’ve yet to feature Rekoil on here, and now has never been a more appropriate time. You see, the Funkadelphia crew took a trip down to Baltimore this past weekend to see Zomboy in action. And among a slew of incredible, local openers, was Rekoil: one of Baltimore’s baddest. See, just like our man Figure, Rekoil mainly just fux with the drumstep. That’s right, badass, fast-paced wobbles to your face; this man does not mess around. And now he’s laying THREE BRAND NEW FREE TRACKS on us in celebration of hitting 4,000 likes on Facebook!! And I can say is, good for him, he really deserves it; now turn up those speakers and let these tunes blast!!

I have to say, “Clean Your Pipes” is definitely my favorite. Insanely sick.

Rekoil Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


Rekoil – “Clean Your Pipes” — FREE Download

Rekoil – “Unicornatrocity” — FREE Download

Rekoil – “Valor” — FREE Download

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