Doctor P – Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 EP [Dubstep//Grime]

When you’re talking about dubstep, especially the early grime scene, it’s impossible not to mention important contributors to the scene: Circus Records, especially Flux Pavilion and his partner in crime, Doctor P.  It’s been a awhile since the Doctor has dished out some new filth to please the eardrums, so his new Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 EP dropping this morning was more than a pleasant surprise. He had released a snippet of “Galaxies & Stars”, so we were already just clinging to the edge of our seats. The UK mastermind has done it again. Turn up that bass and get to this one!

Unfortunately only 2 of the tracks are available to listen to prior to purchase the album; but we promise you, this is definitely one worth dishing the money out for! It’s DOCTOR P!!!

Doctor P Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


Doctor P – Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 EP Buy on iTunes

Funkadelphia Picks:  “Bulletproof” and “Flying Spaghetti Monster”

01) “Galaxies & Stars” (feat. Ce’Cile)

02) “Flying Spaghetti Monster”

03) “Keep on Dancing”

04) “Bulletproof” (feat. Eva Simmons)

5 thoughts on “Doctor P – Animal Vegetable Mineral Part 1 EP [Dubstep//Grime]

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