Excision – X Rated: The Remixes [Dubstep//Grime]

Yeah that’s right, we’re stacking up the filth on you guys today. First, the new EP from Doctor P, now we’re on to the new remix album from Excision (I don’t want to give anything away, but there’s still another one we’re dropping on you today too)! I think we’re all pretty familiar with Excision’s debut full-length album X-Rated, which was released on mau5trap Records back in the Fall of 2011. And with Excision definitively being one of the most influential grime producers around right now, it would seem there were plenty of younger, up and coming producers just drooling to try their hands at thrashing up some of Ex’s tracks just a bit more. The album features appearances from producers such as Eptic (of Never Say Die Records)DirtyPhonics, Lucky Date, Xilent, Specimen A and more!! Honestly, this album is filthier than a kid that’s been playing in the mud. Enjoy!

Excision Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


Excision – X-Rated: Remixes Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “Deviance (DirtyPhonics Remix)”, “Ohhh Nooo (Lucky Date Remix)”, “Swerve (Specimen A Remix)” and “X Rated (Space Laces Remix)”

4 thoughts on “Excision – X Rated: The Remixes [Dubstep//Grime]

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