Terravita – The Power of Fire EP + “metROIDS” FREE Download!! [Dubstep//Grime]

The Boston production team that goes by the name Terravita has been climbing high up on my lists of acts I’m dying to see lately. The first single from this new release, “metROIDS” dropped not too long; and, soon after the news of The Power of Fire EP to be released on Firepower Records came. And now, finally, the long awaited day has come, and this morning brought six more tracks of complete filth- 4 originals, 2 instrumentals- from Terravita (not including “metROIDS”, which is featured on the new EP). I have to say, this just must be one of the best weeks for music; with a new EP from Zomboy, a new EP from Doctor P, full remix album from Excision and today saw not only the  release of this, but also The Adventures of Mr. Fox EP from KOAN SoundStill, with all that musical greatness, this new release from Terravita still really stands tall. This thing is packed with filth from beginning to end!!

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Terravita – The Power of Fire EPBuy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks:

01) “Well Oiled Machine” — Buy on Beatport

02) “No Room” — Buy on Beatport

03) “Motive Unnecessary” (feat. Shannon Swain) — Buy on Beatport

04) “This Time It’s Personal” — Buy on Beatport

05) “metROIDS” — FREE Download!!

06) “No Room (Instrumental)” — Buy on Beatport

07) “This Time It’s Personal (Instrumental)” — Buy on Beatport

2 thoughts on “Terravita – The Power of Fire EP + “metROIDS” FREE Download!! [Dubstep//Grime]

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