Odesza – Summer’s Gone (FULL FREE ALBUM!!) + 2 Bonus Tracks!! [Indie//Electronic]

Odesza is the collaborative project of CatacombKid and BeachesBeaches, both based primarily out of Washington state. Admittedly, I’ve never heard of BeachesBeaches, but I am familiar with some of CatacombKid’s work, so when I saw this new album pop up on Soundcloud today, I knew it would be worth checking out. So let’s talk about this album, Summer’s Gone: it’s sort of like a cross between the downtempo ambient tones of Tycho and the minimal, almost lo-fi, sound that Teen Daze exudes. This is definitely one of those that I’m really going to push the envelope and say, even if this isn’t your typical cup of tea, I still strongly encourage to give this a listen. If anything, skip the intro track and start the album off with track 2, “How Did I Get Here”; you won’t be disappointed. The entire album is completely FREE too, and how can you argue with that?! Enjoy!

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Odesza – Summer’s Gone FREE Download!!

Funkadelphia Picks: “I Want You”, “Today” and “Hey Now”


[BONUS!] If you’re enjoying what you’ve heard so far, then I think you might also be interested in checking out some of CatacombKid’s and some of BeachesBeaches’ solo work. I’ve picked a song from each producer that I not only enjoy, but also think fits in stylistically with the new Summer’s Gone album, which they just released.

 CatacombKid – “How It Ends” — Direct Download [FREE]

BeachesBeaches – “That Warmth”

5 thoughts on “Odesza – Summer’s Gone (FULL FREE ALBUM!!) + 2 Bonus Tracks!! [Indie//Electronic]

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