Faded Paper Figures – “Invent It All Again” + New Album Announcement & Teaser!! [Indie//Pop]

Here’s some news on the indie music front that I’ve been getting pretty excited about lately. The Los Angeles synthpop trio known as Faded Paper Figures have set their new album, The Matter for an October 2012 release date. I’ve got a teaser from the new album to share with you, but I thought I’d also share one of their older (and one of my favorite of their’s) songs: “Invent It All Again” (off their previous album, New Medium). That track has a much more upbeat and, basically happy, feel to it; while the teaser seems to indicate a more somber and mature sound on the new album.

Plus, if you enjoy what you hear so far, be sure to also check out our article on “North by North”, also off New Medium!!

Faded Paper Figures Website // Facebook // Twitter

Faded Paper Figures – “Invent It All Again”

Faded Paper Figures – The Matter Album Teaser


1) San Narciso
2) Piledrive
3) Information Runs On
4) Relatively
5) Better
6) My Magellan
7) First Son
8) Holy Smoke
9) Pointing at the Moon
10) Avida Dollars
11) So Far Out
12) Questions
13) Pantechnê Driver

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