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El Ten Eleven – Transitions [Post-Rock//Electronica]

Not sure how this one slid passed my radar, but the Los Angeles post-rock two-piece band known as El Ten Eleven just released a new album titled Transitions. I was fortunate enough to catch the incredible set this duo put on at Camp Bisco this year, and it wasn’t hard to tell the crowd was in just as much amazement as I was. This new album is an incredible testament to what two incredibly talented musicians can do together when working in the right conditions. The opening and title track off the album is easily my favorite; it sets the album on a great foot right from the beginning. The remainder of the album doesn’t exactly folly either. Enjoy!

And if you’re digging their music, you’re in luck; because El Ten Eleven just added a date at the North Star Bar on Thursday, October 25th! See FULL TOUR DATES HERE.

El Ten Eleven Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

El Ten Eleven – Transitions Buy Album

Funkadelphia Pick: “Transitions”

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