What’s Happening Philadelphia? – Saturday, October 13th

Borgore w/ The White Panda @ Theatre of the Living Arts [8PM//$23]

If you’re a basshead like us, you probably already know about the face-melting show that will be appearing at the Theatre of the Living Arts this Saturday: Borgore. The Israeli dubstep producer, and ex-metal drummer, is making his return to Philadelphia to blast faces and blow speakers. If you’re familiar with Borgore’s music, then I probably don’t have to explain the grimefest that you’re all in for; but if you’re not, I’ve included a little clip from last year’s throw down (at the very same venue)!

Borgore // TLA Event // FB Event // Buy Tickets Here


Nadia Ali w/ Starkillers @ SoundGarden Hall [8:30PM//$20]

However, the reality is simply that we are not all bass heads. So, if you’re looking for a more chilled out night of great dance tunes- and honestly, a way sicker venue- then you definitely want to check out SoundGarden Hallwhere the man Jack Deezl will be opening for the mighty Nadia Ali, also alongside Starkillers. SoundGarden Hall is new on the map in Philadelphia, and their opening night with Figure was absolutely phenomenal. With an incredibly stacked lineup, and one of the nastiest in-house light setups I’ve seen in a venue thus far, the night promises to be packed full of good times.

Nadia Ali // Starkillers // SoundGarden Event // FB Event // Buy Tickets

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