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Urban Assault – Turn Up the Bass EP + Bonus Remix! [Dubstep//Moombahcore]

So we’ve thrown up quite a few releases from Heavy Artillery Records in the passed few weeks, but today I’m glad to announce something really special from the Los Angeles record company. See, the owners of this amazing label, who call themselves Urban Assault (DJ Shortee and Faust when performing individually), just released their brand new Turn Up the Bass EP yesterday. Now, I’ll let you tell me: what would you expect from the owners of Heavy Artillery Recs? If you guessed unrelenting filth and total bass annihilation, then you guessed right. Enjoy!!

Urban Assault Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Urban Assault – Turn Up the Bass EP Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Pick: “Burn”


So, the other day we posted an artist spotlight (read the full article here) on another West Coast producer,  Phrenik, who has actually put out some material with Heavy Artillery. Well, while poking through his music, one of the tunes that really grabbed my attention was actually an Urban Assault remix of a Phrenik original called “Killah Supreme”; and oh man, this track delivers a fist full of bass. I’ll let you guys get to it!

Phrenik – “Killah Supreme (Urban Assault Remix)” — Buy on Beatport

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