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Grizmatik – “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” (Official Video!!) [Electronic//Funk]

That’s right people, two of the most incredible in the funky bass production business, GRiZ and Gramatik, have teamed up to bring you this incredible collaborative project: Grizmatik. The two played together in sets over the Summer at both Electric Forest and North Coast music festivals, as well as during a performance at the House of Blues in Chicago. Now, over here at Funkadelphia we’ve been huge fans of both these producers (and let’s be honest, musicians) for a while now, so we were already psyched for this; but then, low and behold, we get our first glimpse into the project today as the two have released the official music video for their first single, “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom” or “DLIMF”. The video is absolutely incredible, and the song is beyond words. It builds up mellow, and quite a bit funky, before collapsing into a smooth dubby drop; but then, after some more steady jamming, we got a massive bass overload that sure’s to satisfy. I’m going to let you guys get to it though:

Grizmatik Facebook // GRiZ // Gramatik

Grizmatik – “Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom (DLIMF)” [Official Music Video]

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