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MartyParty – MVP (16 Track Album) [Trap//Glitch]

After giving us a couple teaser tracks such as “Hood Shaker” and “Bling Bling“, Brooklyn Producer MartyParty has finally released his much anticipated full length, concept album, MVP! Recently, I felt like I am starting to hear trap a little too often now, but this new album has completely changed my mind on that. I thought it was strange seeing that MartyParty was touring with Pretty Lights, as I wouldn’t usually think of them together, but MVP makes it clear why. The 16 track album touches on many different genres while still keeping that bumpin’ trap feel that is great to just chill too. MartyParty considers it a “ride” that it is meant to be “driven” from start to end. So now I’ll let you put that key in ignition, crank up the speakers, and get started on this wonderful, bassed-out, journey. You can purchase MVP on MartyParty’s website, as well as pick up most of his other tracks for the conveniently low price of on-the-house.

MartyParty Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

MartyParty – MVP — Buy Album

Funkadelphia Picks: “Bling Bling” and “Stay away from Magnets”

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