Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Glitch-Hop/Electro Soul

AntiTrash Jack – The Regency EP [Dubstep//Glitch-Hop]

Over the passed couple years, we’ve seen the bass music genre cover just about every BPM and beat-style imaginable; from the throw-down slow beats of dubstep, to the fast-paced headbanging drum&bass and drumstep, to everything in between, including moombahcore and electro house. But with the recent influx of trap, a lot of artists are beginning to experiment with breakbeat rhythms, resulting in heavy bass glitch-hop a lot of the time. My own personal thoughts on this? It’s freaking amazing!! AntiTrash Jack just released his new The Regency EP through trusted name, Heavy Artillery Records, and it features a couple really great examples of this new trend. Enjoy!!

AntiTrash Jack Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

AntiTrash Jack – The Regency EP — Buy on Beatport

Funkadelphia Pick: “The Regency”

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