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D!RTY AUD!O – 50 Oz Mixtape + Bonus Tracks (FREE DLs!!) [Trap//Bass]

I know we are really dropping a lot of stuff on you guys today, but can you really complain about too much good music? Someone our frequent visitors should be very familiar with by now, D!RTY AUD!O, has been killin’ it with his moombah and trap lately, and today he just dropped this MASSIVE new trap mixtape on us! As usual, the bass bumps hard, and the synth work is incredible. In addition to this awesome 4 track mixtape, we’re including 2 bonus trap tunes from the LA producer: one remix, and one original that always gets me pumped when I hear it dropped at shows. Turn up those speakers and enjoy all 6 of these great trap tunes, absolutely FREE!

Unfortunately we are having some technical problems and can’t embed the player for the mixtape, but you can stream it and pick up the free download here! from clubtapes.com

D!RTY AUD!O Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

D!RTY AUD!O – Drop That Ass [Direct DL FREE!]

Jitta On The Track – Smoke Signals (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)[ Direct DL FREE!]

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