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Destroid (Excision, Downlink & KJ Sawka) feat. Space Laces – “Wasteland” [Dubstep//Grime]

Looking over the site today I noticed there was something we forgot to post, but I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to post. It’s the newest release from live electronic dubstep/drumstep trio Destroid. The trio is officially composed of Excision, Downlink and drummer KJ Sawkabut this track also features an appearance from producer Space Laces (who actually had a remix on Excision’s X-Rated: The Remixes album). It’s hard to imagine how powerful a sound you would get when you combine the immense production power of Excision and Downlink, and then throw in the element of a live drummer, but “Wasteland” is truly the result and, oh, is it magnificent. Bass attack!!

Destroid Website // YouTube // Facebook

Destroid (feat. Space Laces) – “Wasteland”

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