Dubstep/Drumstep / Electro House / Electronic / Future Bass

Ascendance – “Instability” + Remix from Jack Deezl!! [Electro House//Bass]


Sometimes I have a slow start to my Mondays, and I’ve found there’s never really a better way to get my day kick started than with a fresh breakfast serving of dirty bass. Well I think this new track from Ascendance should definitely be on the menu. He dropped his new track “Instability”- featuring guest vocals from Cori Pena– on Beatport today, along with three remixes from various other producers. Swing over to the Beatport page HERE to view the full tracklist, but allow Funkadelphia to personally recommend Jack Deezl‘s remix; and not just because he’s a Funkadelphia frequent flyer, but because this remix absolutely destroys!! So there you go, two fresh new bassed out tracks. Eat up!

Ascendance Soundcloud // Beatport // Facebook

Ascendance – “Instability” — Buy the EP on Beatport

Ascendance – “Instability (Jack Deezl Remix)” — Buy on Beatport

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