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Fever Ray – “Now’s the Only Time I Know (The Killabits Remix)” [Bass//Electro]


The last time we posted about The Killabits, they changed up their sound a bit to take us back to the sound that originally got us into this scene. Well, today they decided to change the game yet again, saying this on their Facebook page: “Spent a while experimenting with a bunch of different sounds and ideas to try to make something completely different, something unlike anything else.” Once again they try for something different and totally knocked it out of the ballpark! This isn’t the sound I would usually expect from The Killabits, but it works, and it just gets me more excited for what kind of surprises they’ll have for us next! The song will be available for download soon, so check back and we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, forget what you’re used to, and enjoy this new direction of bass music!

The KillabitsSoundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Fever Ray – “Now’s the Only Time I Know (The Killabits Remix)”

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