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Artifakts – “Winter Warmer (Festival Submission)” Mini-mix [Electro Soul//Funk]


As you may have already guessed, we at Funkadelphia love funky, soulful vibes in our EDM. Today, up-and-coming Wisconsin producer Artifakts gave us a great little mini-mix with a whole lot of funk, and plenty of soul! This 15 minute mix is his entry into a contest for a spot in Wisconsin’s Winter Warmer Music Festival January 11th, and even though we won’t be making it to many festivals until the summer, this mix is getting me very excited for the upcoming festival season! After joining Pretty Lights for part of the Illumination Tour, Artifakts has proven he can throw down with the best, and I am hoping we will all get a chance to see him around the festival circuit this summer! The mini-mix is available to stream below, but if Artifakts wins the contest, it will also be available for FREE DOWNLOAD! If you’re lovin’ these vibes like we are, show Artifakts some love by giving him a vote here, and check out his soundcloud for some smooth soulful originals (for FREE DL!!!), and hopefully we can all be able to jam out with him at all the festivals come summertime!

Artifakts Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Artifakts – Winter Warmer (Festival Submission) Mini-mix

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