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Album Review: Run DMT – Union of Opposites (FREE DL!!) [Dubstep//Grime]

Run DMT - Union of Opposites

Alright this one is definitely a bit late admittedly, but I still can’t deny it from seeing the light of day here on Funkadelphia because it’s simply too freaking amazing. Run DMT has been on the forefront of the bass music scene for quite sometime now; he’s a clear veteran. And he’s torn up Philadelphia at least twice now, both this year at The Blockley and SoundGarden Hall. Over the passed month or so, the Texas producer has been releasing the tracks to his new Union of Opposites album (which you can scoop TOTALLY FREE!!) one by one through his soundcloud. And dead seriously, everytime he released a new track, it left my jaw a bit closer to the floor at the drop. This album is ABSOLUTELY KILLER!! Get at it!!

Run DMT Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Run DMT – Union of Opposites — *FREE Downloads are available by individual tracks below

Funkadelphia Picks: “Leave With Us”, “Into the Sun”, “Sugarcube”, “Curse of the Mummy”, “Union of Opposites”, “Polarity” and “Epilogue”

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