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Album Review: Getter – I Want More [Dubstep//Grime]

Getter - I Want More

Getter might not be theost recognizable name on Firepower Records, but that’s absolutely no good reason to discount the mighty California DJ’s production skills. He’s been on our radars for quite some time now, with a series of monstrous EP’s and he even accompanied Datsik on many of his last tour’s West Coast dates. But finally, Getter’s debut full album release, the I Want More LP is upon us, and it’s blazing in full glory. We keep it no secret how filthy we like our music, and it’s almost seems as if Getter heard our cries for disgusting bass when putting this album together. And while he keeps it grimey all the time, Getter doesn’t keep himself constrained to a small sound sample set or a typical formula for his songs. “Papercuts” starts the LP off with a completely dark and sinister feel, before tracks like “Crack That” and “I Want More” bring in the high pitches; meanwhile, “Fallout” features that old school deep dub feel if that’s your thing, and all I can say about “Aggravate” is it’s something totally new, and you need to hear it NOW! This whole album deserves a good listen over though definitely; Funkadelphia stamp of approval: yes, absolutely.

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Funkadelphia Picks: “Aggravate” & “Papercuts”

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