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Album Review: Local Natives – Hummingbird [Indie//Rock]

Local Natives - Hummingbird

This is definitely diverting from our typical path of posts; but that’s something I actually enjoy doing and have been trying to incorporate more of. It’s always good to have a wide spread of amazing music in your life. So if you don’t know Local Natives by now, I would strongly recommend that you give them a listen. After encountering them at Bonnaroo almost four years ago now, soon after the release of their amazing first record Gorilla Manor, I was completely amazed. A few months ago we saw the release of the first single from the new album,  titled “Breakers”, and it showed a more mature and developed sound from the band that remained loyal to their debut. Now the complete Hummingbird album is here, and it’s dreamy guitar and vocals lines have been drifting through my speakers and headphones almost non-stop the passed few days. E-mails with new tunes to give a listen-over almost seem like a chore, as it would stepping my ears away from Local Natives. I can fully recognize that this might not reside with all our followers and listeners, but whether you are familiar with the Los Angeles based group or not, at least give this album a chance. You just might find your ears easily persuaded.

Local Natives Website // Soundcloud // Facebook

Local Natives – Hummingbird Buy Album (Digital) // Deluxe (Digitial) // Vinyl+CD Pre-Order

Funkadelphia Picks; “Colombia”, “Black Spot”, “Three Months”, “Ingrid” and “Wooly Mammoth”

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