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DYNOHUNTER – Pilgrimage EP (FREE DL!!) [Electronica//Bass]

DYNOHUNTER - Pilgrimage EP

Alright, let’s get a little funky and weird. If you enjoy the saxophone talents of GRiZ or Dominic Lalli in Big Gigantic, then I’ve got something I think you’ll really enjoy. Boulder, Colorado based trio DYNOHUNTER has just put out their new, entirely free Pilgrimage EP. The trio is made up of Clark Smith, producer and saxophonist,  Justin Ehmer on drums, and Fred Reisen on the bass and synths. Now, while I use the element of a nice jammy sax to compare these guys to Big G and GRiZ; I urge you to not just take their sound on that word. These guys are a whole lot more, and their sound is clear and well-developed. It resonates in the jamtronica category, and while it can get really deep into its electronic elements, DYNOHUNTER always manages to bring its track back to some beautiful live instrumentation as well.

DYNOHUNTER Soundcloud // Facebook

DYNOHUNTER — Pilgrimage EP FREE Download!!

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