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Album Review: Glitch Squad – Glitch Squad Compilation Vol. 1 (FREE DL!!) [Electronic//Glitch]

Glitch Squad Compilation Vol. 1

When Funkadelphia first started out, Jack Deezl and Architekt were two Philadelphia producers that we had in prime focus; and they’ve helped carry us a long way. So it’s a really rewarding thing to see their own careers continue to grow and flourish as we try to do the same. Just a few months ago, the two local artists came together to form independent label, Glitch Squad; and now we are proud to present you with the labels first, full compilation album. It features tracks from some artists you’ve already heard and come to love, including it’s label owners of course, along with JXLBeats, redHat, Speaker for the Dead, The NinetiesTilsonic, Jay Danko and plenty, plenty more. What sets Glitch Squad apart from the typical electronic/dance world? It’s incredible diversity. Classifying this album as “electronic” or “glitch” doesn’t even begin to encapsulate the various influences, styles and musical approaches of all these artists. The music ranges from dark, downtempo beats; to uplifting, jostling rhythms; to offbeat, glitchy tempos; to light, minimal melodies; and anything you can possibly imagine in between. If you want to get upbeat and real dubby, I highly recommend Makra‘s track “RWD Selekta” or The Nineties remix of their own “Who Are You”; if you want to run the trap, may I suggest “Gourmet Shit” by JXLbeats and FedRox; if you’re feeling loungy and just kickin’ it then Jack Deezl’s own “Haunter” might serve you well; and if you’re feeling any sort of dancey, in-between I certainly recommend Speaker for the Dead’s new track, “Sunrise on Saturn”. Even if you’re looking for something TRULY different (and by that I mean completely un-electronic), then Everybody’s Changeling has certainly got you on “The Glow”, a slowed down acoustic instrumental track that diverts from the album’s most typical path. I could go on for days ranting on particular tracks, talking about the various and incredible talents of each and every one of these producers; but I really think the tracks speak for themselves, so I think I’ll let them do just that.

Glitch Squad Bandcamp // Facebook

Glitch Squad – Glitch Squad Compilation Vol. 1 Buy Album [Name Your Price!]

Funkadelphia Picks: <radioaddict> – “Shaku” ;Makra – “RWD Selekta”; Tilsonic – “Transmission”;   Thirdkind – “’68 Classic”; Speaker for the Dead – “Sunrise on Saturn”; JXLbeats (feat. Fedrox) – “Gourmet Shit”; The Nineties – “Who Are You (The Nineties Remix)”

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