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Album Review: Lotus – Build (+ “Kodiak” FREE DL!!) [Rock//Jamtronica]

Lotus - Build

Sometimes I have these difficult, intense internal struggles with myself over whether I enjoy heavy bass or jammy rhythms  more; so it’s not hard to understand why a band like Lotus essentially can’t do wrong. They kick out the jams but have plenty of that electronic influence, especially in more recent years. Their new album, Build, is certainly a testament to this, breaking out hard with “Break Build Burn” slamming down some heavy guitar lines, but also providing plenty of whirling synth grooves as well. From there the album only gets better; and while it’s no stretch to say that this album has a stronger electronic focus than Lotus’ previous works, it also exists in a time when the world seems to be obsessed with electronic music. You can’t blame a band like Lotus for getting involved, especially when their music remains so true to it’s nature, roots and style. I could even say this album reminds me a bit of some of STS9‘s work; but at the same time, Lotus still brings their sound cascading through the bleeps and bloops that echo throughout Build.

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Lotus – Build Buy Album (Digitial/CD/Vinyl)

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06) “Kodiak” —FREE Download!!

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