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Get Up – Wheatpaste & Heartbreak (FREE DL!!) + “Lonely Nights” Official Music Video [Glitch-Hop//Bass]

Get Up - Wheatpaste & Heartbreak

Whether you know him through his street art or his music, Get Up is undoubtedly an influential artist who has left his mark here in Philadelphia. This Valentine’s Day he released his latest album, Wheatpaste & Heartbreak completely FREE for the masses to enjoy. On top of that, he also has just released the official music video for the album’s lead track and single, “Lonely Nights”. The music video helps bridge the gap between Get Up’s musical and street art talents, showing off his artistic process as the song dances over a montage of the Philly artist hard at work. He keeps himself free of any specific constraints too, playing with bass music from the ranges of mellow hip-hop instrumentals, to hard-hitting dubstep, and quite a few nice glitchy tunes. And if you’re just now getting familiar with Get Up, then I’m sure this will be a great introduction; enjoy!

Get Up Soundcloud // Facebook

Get Up – Wheatpaste & Heartbreak  Individual FREE DLs Available Below

Funkadelphia Picks: “Lonely Nights”, “Explain” & “Miss You”

Get Up – “Lonely Nights” [Official Music Video]

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