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ProtoHype – See No Evil EP [Drumstep//Dubstep]

See No Evil

When talking about drumstep, it’s tough not to bring up Datsik‘s Firepower Records, and for good reason. In the last two months they have spoiling us with an onslaught of filth with EPs from Datsik and AFK, and a full album from Getter, and it still continues to get better! Today, LA producer Protohype released his newest EP, See No Evil EP, and it is absolutely relentless! With collaborations with artists such as Getter, ETC!ETC!Init, and Kezwik, its no surprise that this EP covers such a range of styles, from heavy drumstep to some moombah/trap, while still maintaining that disgusting filth we all enjoy so much! Now turn up those speakers and get ready to be taken over yet again by Firepower Records!

ProtohypeSoundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Protohype – See No Evil EP — Buy from iTunes or Beatport

Funkadelphia Picks: “The Peak” and “Menace”

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